Dress Code

Stay Classy, Denver

To uphold the high standards guests of Platinum 84 have come to expect, management reserves the right to strictly enforce the following dress code:

  • No Gang Attire or Gang Colors (Red, Blue, Purple)
  • No Leathers/Cuts
  • No Excessively Baggy Attire
  • No Low Hanging Pants or Shorts (Must Be Worn at Waist)
  • No Do-Rags, Skull Caps or Bandanas
  • No Sleeveless Shirts
  • No Torn Jeans
  • No Chains or Medallions
  • No Sunglasses
  • No Hoods
  • No Torn or Dirty Clothing
  • No Workout Attire such as Tracksuits, Jumpsuits, Sweatpants, Basketball or Mesh Shorts
  • No Jerseys (Except Local Teams, Team Colors, Game Day Only)
  • No Facial Tattoos

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